We've Rebranded!

We have some exciting news to share! After careful consideration, we have decided to change our name from "Naked Baby Eco Boutique" to "Earth Baby Eco Boutique."

Our original intention with "Naked Baby Eco Boutique" was to reflect our commitment to providing eco-friendly products for babies and young children. The term "Naked" symbolized stripping away harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients, leaving only natural and organic essentials for your little ones.

However, as our world changes, we've noticed an unfortunate association of our name with disturbing content and intentions online. This is certainly not what we stand for, and it's made it harder for us to be seen by those looking for the right kind of content. With the increasing prevalence of AI, we anticipate this problem only growing.

To better reflect who we are and to ensure we're easily found by those seeking eco-friendly baby products, we've decided to rebrand as "Earth Baby Eco Boutique." We wanted to stay close to our roots, keeping our beloved logo and branding, which has received such positive feedback from you, our wonderful customers.

At Earth Baby Eco Boutique, you can continue to expect the same high-quality, eco-friendly products, as well as friendly customer service, and commitment to sustainability.

We hope you love this change as much as we do and will continue to support us in this new era. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your continued custom.

All the best,

Ashley, Annalise, and Molly xox

Your Earth Baby Eco Boutique Team