Say goodbye to the agony of anticipation! We know you don't want to twiddle your thumbs for weeks, so you'll get your order faster than a cheetah on rollerskates! 🤩 Our prompt dispatch and quick delivery will have your goodies in your hands faster than you can say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"! (Okay ... maybe not that fast, but close!).

When you place an order during a BUSINESS DAY before 11:00 AM, we jump into action like a squirrel on a sugar rush! Our lightning-fast team will dispatch your goodies the same day, using our trusty OVERNIGHT COURIER* service. You can count on us! Just keep an eye on any exceptions, which are mentioned in the Product Descriptions.

Remember, if you live rurally, you may have to wait an extra day or two for your delivery (we promise - it will be worth it!)

Sometimes (not gonna lie), it's just not doable. But hey, we're putting in our utmost effort to keep up with it! If you've made an order on a weekend or during a public holiday, know that we'll be getting it packed and good to go on the next business day. And yes, we're dispatching orders in the order they come in.

Heads-up, though! During Flash Sales and major promotions, dispatch delays are definitely on the menu. It's like trying to cram a whole circus tent into a tiny box! We'll be working like busy little beavers to get your order out ASAP, don't you worry!

We're a tight-knit squad personally handpicking and packing your orders (no robots or fancy machines here), so we kindly request your patience.

For more info, please visit: Shipping & Delivery Information.

*Excludes big & bulky items to the North Island (anything that won't fit into a courier satchel). These are shipped via an Economy service, but can be upgraded for a fee!

For any orders shipping within New Zealand, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $125+.

For orders under $125, we've got a flat-rate of $9.00! No sneaky surcharges or extra fees for rural deliveries, we promise!

International orders? No problem! We've got you covered. Just head to the checkout and we'll calculate those shipping charges for you. And hey, you'll even have the option to choose between a standard non-tracked service or a fancy courier service.

When it comes to shipping in New Zealand, it's all about Courier Post's non-signature service - no autographs required!

Unless they're big and bulky and bound for the North Island, all orders will be whisked away by a magical overnight courier (no need for signatures)!

Got something massive and hulking to ship to the North Island (anything that won't squeeze into our usual courier satchel)? No problemo! Just drop us a line at and we'll hook you up with a sweet deal for an overnight service!

Sending your order across borders? Fear not! We've partnered with New Zealand Post and DHL to ensure your package arrives safe and sound, whether you choose the standard international service or the speedy courier option!

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification from both us and the courier. This notification will include a tracking number so you can track your package as it makes its way to you.

Need your package ASAP? No worries! Drop us a note in the Notes section when you place your order, or send us an email. We'll go above and beyond to try to meet your request. We usually ship orders placed by 11:00 AM on BUSINESS DAYS the same day (except during Flash Sales and promotions, or if a product's product description says it might take an extra day or two to ship).

The deal is, we usually ship your goods overnight. However, if you're living it up on the North Island and feelin' like gettin' something big and bulky shipped overnight, or you want that Saturday delivery vibe, just hit us up. Want more info? Check out: Shipping and Delivery Deets.

Uh-oh! If your package's whereabouts are more mysterious than a magic trick, don't panic! Just dial up Courier Post at 0800 268 743 and they'll work their tracking wizardry. Keep in mind that couriers can't just leave packages lying around where anyone could snatch them. So be sure to check all the usual hiding spots like the mailbox (no peeking!), the back door (intriguing!), under the BBQ (yes, really!), and any other sneaky spots you can think of. And remember, time is ticking in case we need to make any claims with Courier Post for your missing treasure!

If you've tried everything and your package is still playing hide and seek (or if Courier Post is not bringing any joy to your day), don't hesitate to reach out to us at We'll do our best to help unravel the mystery for you!

Don't wait around, please dial up Courier Post at 0800 268 743 and let them be your personal package detectives! They'll solve the mystery of your shipment and keep you in the loop with real-time updates!

Once your awesome item is on its way, we'll send you all the juicy tracking details. You'll be riding the wave of updates as your item heads Out for Delivery and makes its grand entrance at your place. But if you're living in an area with a penchant for package disappearing acts, it'd be smart to have it delivered elsewhere. Maybe a fancy business address where a real-live person can be there to collect it on your behalf.

If your parcel is claiming it has been dropped off, but you're still empty-handed, make sure to reach out to Courier Post as mentioned above, pronto!

Keep in mind that we can't be held accountable or responsible for any packages that get mysteriously lost or magically disappear after they've been delivered.

First things first, give a quick glance at when you made your purchase (and if you caught us during an awesome sale or crazy promotion). We're a small team with big ambitions, so when we've got a major promo going on, your order might be in dispatch mode for a tad longer than usual. But don't fret, we'll be moving mountains to get it delivered to you in record time!

Don't forget to take a peek inside your Spam/Junk folder - those sneaky emails might be hanging out in there!

Make sure to also scan the product description for any sneaky little notes about a possible slight delay in getting your hands on that awesome item you just ordered!

Once you've completed everything else, don't forget to do a double take on your email address. It's the prime suspect for missing confirmations (unless they're secretively chilling in your Spam/Junk folder) - you might have goofed and entered the wrong one!

If you've checked all the above and it's still playing hide-and-seek with you, don't fret! Just drop us a line at and we'll turn into detectives to solve the case. We'll leave no stone unturned to provide you with all the deets you desire!

Some tips to consider. First, take a peek at your Shipping Confirmation to scope out what goodies were included. The Shipping Confirmation will let you know if we sent over just a few or all of the items from your order, and it'll give you the rundown of what was in the package. There might even be a little note on there saying the rest is on its way ASAP. In case we didn't manage to ship everything to you, don't worry! We'll make sure the remaining items are sent your way as soon as possible, or we'll reach out to chat about other options or a refund. We didn't want to keep you waiting, so we sent off what we could ASAP!

Next, make sure to take a second look at your Order Confirmation and Product Description just to be sure it wasn't a Pre-Order. If it was, don't fret! We'll send it your way as soon as it's good to go!

And, finally, if you've glanced at your Shipping Confirmation and it mentions that we've sent something, but it's nowhere to be found, reach out to us at so we can dig into it.

Just a heads up, as we're all about being eco-friendly here we like to keep things minimal by not including packing slips or extra paperwork. But don't worry, you can always find all the details of your shipment in the Shipping Confirmation e-mail!

Oh no! If that sneaky courier played rough with your goodies, give us a shout ASAP! We'll need to know within 48 hours of delivery, so don't delay. When you send us a message, fill us in on all the nitty-gritty details about the damage and, please send over some snazzy photos, too. And make sure to keep hold of all the packaging that came along for the ride. It could save the day!

We'll give Courier Post a shout and get a claim for the damages rolling. Swing by our Shipping and Delivery Information page for more info.

You betcha! If you're chillin' in Dunedin and looking to avoid the shipping shenanigans, just hit up the Local Pick-up option. Whenever our doors are open for business, we hustle like nobody's business to have your order jazzed up in a flash. Once it's all good to go, you can count on an email notification that's bound to bring a smile to your face!

Please hang tight until we give you the green light that your order is ready to roll. We'll be working our magic to whip it up for you ASAP, but if there's an influx of orders, we might need to keep you waiting a tad longer. Much appreciated for playing along and understanding!

As you know, we're all about being eco-friendly and we do our best to carry that through all aspects of our business (and, we hope that's one of the reasons you love shopping with us!).

We're not fans of wasting trees, so we don't include packing slips in our orders. Instead, expect an email confirmation when you make a purchase - make sure to keep it safe for future reference!

Once we send your order off on its merry way, we'll make sure you're in the loop on what treasures we packed for you. If we happen to split your shipment, no worries! You'll receive multiple Shipping Confirmations, each detailing the delightful goodies included in that particular package. Consider it your eco-friendly packing slip.

Yes, they do! We well and truly believe in walking the talk.

Your packages will be sent to you in either home compostable courier bags or in a re-used box (hey, we know it doesn't look pretty, but we don't think the trees will mind!).

The courier bags are reusable and home compostable. They are made from corn starch, PLA, and PBAT. Non-toxic inks are used in the printing of these bags and they are certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting (EN13432/AS4736/AS5810).

The courier labels, receipt paper, and EFTPOS rolls that we use are all BPA-free.

All of our gift wraps are carefully selected for their eco credentials (recycled, FSC-certified - some are even made from organic grass clippings!).

The tissue paper that we use is made from recycled paper. We use a paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap that is:

  • Naturally biodegradable and compostable
  • Recyclable 
  • Made from sustainable forests 

Under the AS4736-2006 certification (commercial) and EN13432-2000 the compostable bags are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum biodegradation of 90% of the bioplastic/materials within 180 days compost
  • Minimum of 90% of the bioplastic/materials should disintegrate into less than 2mm pieces in compost within 12 weeks 
  • No toxic effect of the resulting compost on plants and earthworms
  • Hazardous substances such as heavy metals should not be present above the maximum allowed levels

That means that 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to Carbon Dioxide. The remaining share is converted into water and biomass.

These timeframes in which the bags will breakdown is dependent on many factors such as moisture and constant temperature - this is more variable in a home composting situation versus a commercial facility. Please remove all courier labels and the adhesive strip prior to composting.

Yes! We sure do! For international shipments, we use a combination of DHL Express and NZ Post (in conjunction with your local postal authority).

International pricing increases by weight and you will be provided with the pricing at the checkout (as well as the option to send via standard or courier service).


Before anything else, we sincerely apologize for that! We take pride in curating top-notch products and carefully inspecting (unsealed) items upon their arrival at our doorstep, as well as during the process of getting your order prepped for shipment. However, we're only human after all and sometimes things get missed, so in the unlikely scenario that the item you receive is wonky or damaged, please reach out to us without delay (preferably within 48 hours of delivery). The best way to do so is by dropping us an email at:

Make sure to avoid using the item and keep a tight grip on all the packaging!

When reaching out, make sure to give us a rundown of what's going on, including some snazzy snapshots if you can. We'll do our best to sort things out for you in a jiffy, following all the rules of the Consumer Guarantees Act to either replace, repair, or give you a refund. Just a heads-up, though, we might need to tap our suppliers and that could slow things down a smidge. Thanks for being cool as a cucumber!

Feel free to send back *most* items within 21 days of purchasing for a refund to your original payment method. But hey, if you miss that window, we've got you covered! You can still snag an exchange or store credit up to 90 days after purchase.

All items eligible for a return must be unwashed, unworn, have tags on, be sealed, and have all original packaging intact to be eligible for a refund. Please don't ship any goodies back until you've had a chat with us and we've given the thumbs up!

When shipping it back, make sure to expertly bundle and secure the package to avoid any mishaps along the way. We need it to arrive unscathed and in its original, untarnished glory, as specified above!

Just a heads up, everything in our OUTLET section is FINAL SALE (meaning no returns, exchanges, or credits allowed). So, choose wisely!

Whenever you snag something during one of those crazy sales (like Flash Sales or Black Friday madness), just remember that you can only exchange it or get store credit (sorry, no refunds allowed). That's all spelled out in the fine print of each promotion, whether it's in an email or on the website!

When it comes to sending things back, just drop a line to: And for the full scoop, hit up: Returns or Exchanges.

Returning something you purchased online (that's eligible for a return)? No problemo! We've got your back with our No-Hassle Returns Policy. Just remember, you'll have to cover the cost of returning the item (and sorry, the original shipping fee is non-refundable). But hey, we want to make it super easy for you! You can choose to pay a $9.00 courier fee* and we'll send you a waybill via email. Then all you have to do is click on the link we provide, book a courier pick-up from wherever you are, and voila! Your goodies will be on their way back to us faster than you can say abracadabra! ✨

Certainly, if it tickles your fancy, you can also organize your own delivery person. We're simply here to lend a hand and make your life a wee bit smoother.

If you feel like swapping out the size or colour of an item that's eligible for exchange, we're all for it! We offer a complimentary one-way exchange program (you foot the bill to send us the original item, but we'll send you the replacement item with no extra shipping cost). Want to make it even easier? Pair it up with our No-Hassle Returns as explained above, and you won't have to leave the house!

*Shipping within New Zealand ONLY (sorry, does not apply to international orders!)

Thanks for asking, cuz we think it's pretty cool!

Hey, we're parents, too, so we know that life gets crazy and sometimes the last thing you want to think about is scheduling in an extra stop to get to the post office to drop a package off. Who needs that additional stress?

Enter our No-Hassle Returns program - your online shopping BFF.

We will send you a link to pay the $9.00 courier fee* and, once paid, we will send you the waybill to return your item to us. When we send you that waybill we'll also include a link for you to book the courier to come pick up your package from your chosen location.

It's that easy! No petrol costs, no parking expenses, no screaming kids in tow - hey, you don't even have to get dressed! 😉 How awesome is that?!

*Sorry international customers, this only applies to orders shipping within New Zealand.

We're absolutely stoked that you're curious! Shopping online can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes - you know, dealing with sizes, colors, and all those extra buttons... it's like solving a riddle! But don't worry! We've got your back and we'll make sure you have all the information you need.

If you're feeling a bit meh and fancy a switcheroo to jazz things up with a fresh size, color, or even a brand new item, we're totally down to go halfsies on the shipping (on eligible items, of course!)!

No worries, mate! Just ship that item back to us (our No-Hassle Returns program will make it a breeze), and we'll send you a replacement without costing you an extra dime in postage. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Listen up, my friend! Here's the deal: you get one free exchange per order. That's right, just one! Consider it a special offer, like a buy-one-get-one-free deal, but for swapsies. But remember, this only applies to items that are returnable or exchangeable (so no dice for those final sale items). And if you want to make additional swaps beyond your one freebie, you'll have to pay for the courier fees in both directions.

Whilst we try to be as inclusive as we can, please kindly note that the following are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURNS:

  • Items purchased from the OUTLET collection - these are strictly FINAL SALE
  • Bath products
  • Health/hygiene products (including, but not limited to, dummies, nipples/teats, teething products, breast pumps, straws, baby bottles, baby cups, sunscreen, balms, lotions, oils, etc.), whether used or not
  • Nappy products
  • Opened products in which any seals are broken
  • Products that have been washed, worn, used, and/or have had the tags and/or packaging removed
  • Items that are clearly marked as PRE-ORDER (and that information has been missed)

Just a friendly reminder, if you're looking for a refund, make sure to send the eligible product back to us within 21 days. But don't worry, if you miss that window, within the next 90 days we can still hook you up with a credit note or exchange.

Whenever you snag something during one of those crazy sales (like Flash Sales or Black Friday madness), just remember that you can only exchange it or get store credit (sorry, no refunds allowed). That's all spelled out in the fine print of each promotion, whether it's in an email or on the website!

Certainly, it's a must! For any items you fancy returning, please ensure they still have all their original tags and packaging intact (please don't remove those tags)! Oh, and to keep things fresh, make sure they haven't been worn or washed. We want them feeling brand new and unused.

Apologies, but unless something's wrong, we can't take returns if they don't meet these rules.

If your eligible item comes back to us within the 21-day refund window and you chose the refund groove instead of the return/exchange swing, you'll be refunded the amount you paid, EXCLUSIVE OF any shipping charges.

No, sorry, the shipping fee is strictly non-refundable.

Got a gift that's not quite your jam? Don't sweat it! If we can find the original purchase in our records, we'd be more than happy to hook you up with an exchange or a snazzy credit note. Regrettably, refunds aren't on the menu for gift recipients.

All refunds will be processed via the original payment method. Sorry, we can't refund back to other forms of payment.

If you've opted for a store credit, this will be sent to you in the form of a gift voucher.

Once your item has taken its return journey back to us, we'll give it a good once-over, and if it passes our inspection with flying colours, we'll speedily process that refund for you within a snappy 5 business days! Please remember that it could take additional time (up to 10 days) from the financial institution's side.

Discount Codes

Hey, we get it - sometimes discount codes have a mind of their own. Here's a handy list of common issues that might be messing with your code.

If your discount code isn't doing its magic, it's probably because you have some items in your cart that just don't meet the eligibility criteria, or maybe the minimum spend needed to unleash the code's power isn't quite there yet. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a Terms & Conditions - Discount Code Exclusions!

Here's a few more details as to why that code might not be working for you:

1. Keep in mind that our discounts usually have a minimum spend requirement. The Welcome Discount, for instance, needs you to spend at least $75 NZD. If you got the code through email, any minimum spend will be mentioned there. Oh, and make sure that the minimum spend is on ELIGIBLE ITEMS ONLY - any exclusions don't count towards the minimum spend. You can still have ineligible items in your cart, but ONLY the ELIGIBLE ONES will get the discount and contribute to the minimum spend amount.

2. That discount code of yours could be expired. If it came in an email, please give the dates of validity a quick look-see to confirm.

3. If there's another promo going on, sorry, but no more discounts or codes for you. For instance, if we're having a big ol' sale where no codes are needed, sorry but no more discounts (even the fancy shipping ones, points redemptions, etc.) can be used. If you somehow manage to sneak a discount code in, we will send you a link to pay the difference (and your order won't be shipped until that is received).

4. Finally, you might be attempting to utilize a code you've already exhausted. For instance, our Free Shipping code that pops up on Exit Intent has a one-use limit per customer.

If you have looked at all these reasons and still think your code should be working, but isn’t, please contact us at and we will have a look at it for you!

Nah, sorry. Only one discount code per transaction, so you can't stack 'em up. No double-dipping on the discounts, my friend. That goes for using Prestige Points, too. Once you redeem 'em, no Free Shipping code for you.

Oh, and just a heads up! When we're throwing our wild Flash Sales or mind-blowing store-wide promotions (you know, like Black Friday), your discount codes will be like 'say what?' Because if we've already said 'nope, no more discounts or codes allowed', the system won't let you use them.

No, every single one of our discount codes is like a unicorn - unique and one-use only. We're not like the big guys, you know? So please, pretty please, we ask that you keep it to one use per household, as per our fancy Terms & Conditions. Gotta protect that bottom line, ya know?

Sometimes we come across people who just can't get enough of our Welcome Discount (they really know how to work those email addresses!). And then they ask, hey can you merge our points? Well, sorry folks, but in this case, we gotta keep those points separate. It's like having two different accounts, ya know?

A good chunk of our promo codes come with a few restrictions (there's some products that are excluded from further discounts). As a general rule, those codes won't be valid on the OUTLET collection. For more info, please check out our Terms & Conditions.

No, sorry! Discount codes (including points redemptions) don't apply to OUTLET items.

Keep an eye out, though, as we do some pretty awesome promos on our OUTLET collection from time-to-time.

I'm afraid our free shipping codes and discounts are like secret treasures hidden in the mystical realm of New Zealand. They don't venture elsewhere, sorry!

No, sorry, coupons and discount codes are strictly limited to one use per person and cannot be combined. We also hope that our customers will respect our small business enough to keep these codes limited to one use per household. We will not merge and/or combine points balances in instances where it is obvious that multiple accounts and/or e-mail addresses have been used by the same customer to use a discount multiple times (ie: using three different email addresses to use the Welcome Discount on three separate occasions, all under your name and shipped to the same address). Yes, we've seen it, yes, we can track it, and yes, we've been asked to do it!

No, sorry, we can't retroactively apply discount codes. All discount codes MUST be applied at the time of purchase.

If the discount code isn't time sensitive, you'll likely be able to save it for your next purchase.

Hey, we feel ya! It's hella annoying when you buy something and then it goes on sale later. Unfortunately, that's how the retail game works. As a super small business, we can't really go back and adjust prices on orders. It's like going down a rabbit hole - where do we even stop with it? We hope you can get and understand where we're coming from!

If you have any questions, please message us at

No, sorry!

Picture this: you end up nabbing a promotional voucher from our contest (woohoo, lucky you!). Now, just remember: we're a small business (and we've already treated you to some free moolah!). So, pretty please don't go adding any more discount codes (like those promos, Free Shipping Codes, and Prestige Points redemptions) to your order. If you go ahead and try to use another code with your winning voucher, we won't be able to send out your order until you settle the difference with us.

Thank you for your understanding!

Gift Vouchers

We get it - life gets crazy and there's NOTHING worse than discovering a voucher tucked away in some forgotten nook, only to find out it's useless now. But fear not, fellow busy folks, we've got you covered!

No worries, mate! Spend as much or as little as you fancy using your voucher. If you don't use up the full amount, it'll stick around for your next buying spree!

Once you've put your voucher to good use, you can top it all off by paying the remaining balance with one of our many payment options.

No, sorry, we can't. Our system doesn't allow us to re-send gift vouchers.

If you have misplaced your voucher, please get in touch with us at and we will do our very best to try to assist you.

Yes, you sure can!

If you purchase online, you will be issued a digital voucher via email.

If you purchase in-store, you will receive a physical voucher.

Both can be used online and/or in-store.

Yes, if you have more than one voucher, they can be used at the same time.

No, sorry! Discount codes don't apply to the purchase of vouchers. Keep an eye out, though, as from time to time we do special promotions on vouchers.

Oops! I forgot to use my voucher. Can you refund me the amount of my voucher?

Hey, all vouchers and discount codes HAVE to be used when you're splurging. No going back to snag that discount after the fact, sorry! But the silver lining is, these vouchers are forever - no expiration date, so they'll be patiently waiting for your return!

Gift Registry

Well, anything you want, really! New baby, baby shower, birthday, Christmas - it's up to you! Just be sure to point people in the direction of your registry so that they can see what you're after!

Yes, of course!

This can be done one of two ways.

If you have shopped directly from the registry (ie: added your items straight from the registry to the cart), the recipient's address will automatically be populated into the shipping details section of the checkout.

If you have just shopped from the site without going through the registry first, you will need to enter in the recipient's shipping details manually, and then we will ship directly to them.

In all instances where the package is clearly designated as a gift, we ensure that the pricing is removed from the purchases. No hard copies of packing slips or invoices are included with any shipments.

Please ensure that YOUR email details are included in the transaction, as that is where we send the order confirmation (which has pricing), shipping confirmation, etc.

If they've fully completed the registry, this shouldn't be a problem!

Once you have selected the items you would like to buy from the registry, simply add them to the cart from the registry and the recipient's address will automatically populate in the shipping details.

Yes, of course!

Once you have added the registry items to your cart, simply select the gift wrapping option and then select the wrapping paper that you'd like. We'll take it from there!


When you're in the registry, below their registry items, and above the "Update Cart" and "Checkout" buttons, there's a space to add a gift message. Once you've typed it in, it will automatically populate into the Notes section and attach it to your order - we'll work our magic from there. All of the gift notes are handwritten by us for an extra special personal touch!

If you have missed adding a note whilst in the registry, no problem! You can also add a message in the Notes section in the cart once you're there and we will ensure it gets to the recipient.

Easy-peasy! Just click on this link and follow the prompts: .

If you want to find a registry to shop from, please click on this link and follow the prompts.

To manage your gift registry, you will first need to be logged in to your account. Once you're logged in, you will be able to access and modify your registry.

So, how does it work?  It’s all quite simple, really…

  • Sign up for an Earth Baby Eco Boutique account (and make sure you activate it!)
  • Sign up to our e-mail list so that you’re always in the loop
  • Add a minimum of 15 unique items to your Earth Baby Eco Boutique registry (with a value of at least $500) (PLEASE NOTE: this MUST be set up as a REGISTRY, and not a WISHLIST)
  • Have a minimum of $150 in purchases from your Earth Baby Eco Boutique registry by your event date to be eligible for the completion discount
  • You will receive a 10% OFF discount code, valid for 90 days following your event date, to complete your registry (this code is valid on regular-priced items, as well as items generally excluded from any promotional discounts). Discount will ONLY be eligible for items included on your registry prior to the event (and left unpurchased). Bulk packs of formula and nappies are excluded from further discount, as are individual tins of Bellamy’s formula, gift cards (vouchers), OUTLET items, and Three Bags Full items. Discount is also not valid during store-wide promotions and cannot be combined with any other discount code or promotion.

To take advantage of your Registry Completion Discount, please email us at and we'll get it all set up for you.

Of course! Once you’ve registered, it’s easy to tell your friends and family where to find you! You can either send them a link to your registry, or they can pop on our site, click on “Registry” (then "Find") and search for your name. 

The purchaser earns the loyalty points on a gift registry purchase.


Calling all shopaholics! Each time you splurge with us (don't forget to sign in), you'll score some awesome loyalty points!

If you're up for scoring some bonus points, how about showing us some love with a review, a follow on Insta, a share on Facebook, and hey, we'll even give you a special surprise on your birthday if you give us the heads-up! 😉

Just a heads up, every time you buy something, you'll earn loyalty points (as long as you have an account and you're logged in - you MUST be logged in for points to accrue). But, there are a few rules when it comes to spending those points!

You earn 10 points per dollar spent.

Redemptions are available starting at 1,000 points accrued (equivalent to a $5 discount).

Absolutely! Your points are connected to your email address. To ensure they are all linked to the same account, make sure to log in to your account when shopping online and provide us with your details when shopping in-store.

If you're browsing the web, simply give that golden tab a little tap labeled ''Earn Prestige Points''. Right after, you'll be asked to sign in to your account, shown the amount of points you've racked up, and given the choice to splurge those points.

Once you've cashed in those points, you’ll get an instant notification flashing your exclusive discount code - just type it in online while you're on your shopping spree and off you zoom! We'll email you a copy, too, so that you've got it.

If you're doing some good ol' fashioned brick-and-mortar shopping, just spill the beans at the counter and we'll take it from there! Once we've hunted down your account, we'll scope out your points and cash 'em in for ya like magic.

Yes, they do! In general, points redemptions can't be used on anything in the OUTLET collection or on bulk packs/multi-buys.

Additionally, points redemptions cannot be combined with any other discounts or codes, such as Black Friday or other sales or promotions.

For a full list of exclusions, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Yes! You can earn points by leaving a review, following us on Instagram, and sharing on Facebook. There's even a sweet little birthday bonus if you've shared those details with us!

Yes, points will expire 12 months after they were earned.

Yes, as long as you're logged in to your account, you will earn points on most purchases (with the exception of Warehouse Sale purchases - any exclusions during promotions will be noted as part of that promotion).

Calling all savvy shoppers! You can use your points on just about anything your heart desires in the store. Just remember, there are a couple of minor exceptions that you might want to know about!

So here's the deal: OUTLET items, bulk packs, and multi-buys are off-limits when it comes to points redemptions. It's like they have their own secret society. And hey, points redemptions don't want anything to do with discount codes and promotions either, especially those flashy Flash Sales. They're like oil and vinegar - they just don't mix!

Hey there, point-seeker! One common reason for missing points is the lack of login action. Remember to sign in before you splurge!

If you think your points are playing hide and seek, give us a shout at and we'll be your trusty seeker to uncover them!

Yes! Points redemptions are limited to 5,000 points ($50.00) per transaction.

When you snag a gift voucher, the points it comes with are awarded to the clever human who bought the voucher. When you redeem your voucher, any points that equal its value won't be applied to your account, too, sorry.

If you spend over and above the value of the gift voucher, those points are all yours, baby!

Any returns/refunds will result in points of an equivalent value being deducted from your points balance.

Yes, you do! Your points are linked to your email address so you will need to be logged in for them to be accurately allocated. In-store, simply provide us with your email address and your points will be allocated.

When you redeem points, you will receive a discount code to use. You can use this code online or in-store.

When you're shopping in-store, we can see your points balance and rewards available and will offer the redemption to you - no codes required - we'll take care of it all for you!

No, you don't! You can be a part of the loyalty program without being a part of the email list. When signing up in-store, you have the option of subscribing or not subscribing to emails.

And, please remember, you always have the option to unsubscribe at any time!

Once you've redeemed your points, the associated discount code is valid for 12 months from the date of redemption.

No, sorry!

We're a very small business and we just can't afford to stack up those discounts. So, you will only be able to use those points discounts on full-priced purchases. The code won't work with other discount codes and it also won't work when we've got a store promotion on (such as a Flash Sale, Black Friday, etc. - any time we've noted that "no further discounts and/or codes apply").

When a customer buys a voucher, they earn points just like they would if they were buying a physical item from our store. That means when you use the voucher, you won't earn points equal to its value, sorry.

If you go wild and spend more than the voucher value, you'll earn points equal to the amount you went over!

The most common reason for this is that the double opt-in wasn't completed at the time of registration.

To cut down on spammy accounts, we have double opt-in in place. Once you have signed up for an account, you will receive a second email with a final activation link. This must have been clicked to fully activate your account.

If you haven't done this, we can send you another account invitation. Please get in touch with us at and we'll get that off to you!

Well, that depends!

Every now and then, we stumble upon a couple of accounts that have sprouted from a misspelling mishap in the email department or a genuine switcheroo in email addresses. No need to worry, though! We'd be absolutely thrilled to merge those accounts like a pro for you.

But hey, if you're thinking about merging your accounts just because you've been on a discount code frenzy (ie: you've got multiple accounts because you've used different email addresses to you codes multiple times), well, we can't work our magic in that department, sorry!


When you're on the hunt for missing messages, the first stop is the Junk/Spam folder. It's like a secret clubhouse for wayward emails, sometimes!

If all else fails, please reach out to us at The culprit behind this mischief is usually a pesky little mistake in your email address when you finalized your purchase.

While we strive to get back to you ASAP, please keep in mind that our usual response time is 1 biz day. Our lovely customer service peeps are here Mon-Fri, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM, ready to dazzle you with their awesomeness!

Just a friendly reminder: contacting us through multiple channels won't magically make us reply faster (we're not wizards, unfortunately, and we are a small team)!

Yes, generally speaking, OUTLET items as well as bulk packs and multi-buys are excluded.

For a full list of exclusions, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Our shop in Dunedin is packed with a ton of awesome products from our site. Unfortunately, we can't fit it all in one place. So, some items might be shipped straight to you from our supplier. Don't worry though- they'll still be just as awesome!

We've taken special care in noting which products might take a smidge longer to send your way because they're coming straight from our awesome supplier. If you've chosen gift wrapping for any of these gems, we'll make sure to get them in our hands first for some extra TLC before setting them on their merry journey to you!

Online we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, bank deposit, PayPal, Afterpay and Laybuy.

Sure thing! Once you've got that item in your cart, you'll be able to get your gift wrap on. We've got a whole range of options for you to choose from. And hey, don't forget to leave a little love note - you can add a gift message too! Oh, and if you're feeling fancy, why not have a gander at our greeting cards? They'll add that extra oomph to your order.

If you come into our store to shop, we're more than happy to add a touch of whimsy to your purchase with our fabulous gift wrapping, too!

All of our gift wraps are carefully selected for their eco credentials.

The first thing to check is whether your email and password are correct.

Got the right email? Awesome! We'll shoot you a link to switch up that password!

If that's not working, it could be because either your email was entered incorrectly (it happens more than you'd think!) or your account wasn't fully registered (most likely because the double opt-in wasn't completed).

If you have tried resetting the password and haven't had any luck, please get in touch with us at and we'll happily help you out!

Almost all parcels wing their way to you directly from our shop in Dunedin, New Zealand. But due to a lack of space, some items might hitch a ride from our suppliers (unless you've asked for gift wrapping, in which case we'll have the item sent to us first for some fancy wrapping, and then off it goes to you). If there are items that might take a bit longer to reach you, we'll make sure to let you know in the product descriptions. We'd love to squeeze everything in here, but alas, space is tight! Nevertheless, we do enjoy personally packing up and sending out the overwhelming majority of your orders with a hearty dose of love.

Even though you might not always have to pay, any duties and taxes will be based on the value of your order and the tax-free limit (if there is one) for imported goods in the destination country. It's up to you to cover these costs when your delivery arrives. If you need more details, please reach out to your local customs office!

Any additional shipping charges related to not paying duty, customs, etc. will be passed on to the customer.

Yes! Whilst rare, from time-to-time, customers accidentally provide us with the incorrect address details and a package is returned to us.

If we get a package returned, we will get in touch with you to confirm address details, etc., before shipping it back out to you. Any additional courier charges are the responsibility of the customer and we will send you a link to pay prior to re-sending the package.

Once an order is placed, our aim is to dispatch it as quickly as possible. As such, it's not always possible to cancel or amend an order.

Please note, however, that, if your item is eligible for a cancellation, it will incur a fee of 15% of the order value. Alternately, you can opt for a store credit for the full value of the cancelled order.

Cancellations follow the regular rules of Refunds & Exchanges (ie: not all items are eligible for a refund if you cancel your order, and not all orders can be cancelled).

ALL PURCHASES MADE DURING FLASH SALES AND PROMOTIONS ARE BOUND TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THAT PROMOTION (ie: during Black Friday, items are only eligible for store credit or exchange - strictly no refunds). All OUTLET items are final sale.

We've tried our darndest to show the true colours and images of our products here at the store. But hey, computer screens can be real wildcards, so they may look different in real life!