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    The story of the loving and nurturing Goddess Frigg matches up perfectly with the mission of FRIGG pacifiers. FRIGG wanted to bring a combination of soothing comfort, safety, and high-class Danish design into the world, so they decided to create FRIGG – a line of beautiful pacifiers that promote health and wellness for little ones, made to fit seamlessly into daily life.

    When developing and producing FRIGG pacifiers, the focus is on durability, recycling, and robustness. FRIGG's aim is to minimize the “use and throw away” culture. FRIGG is always looking for ways to optimize sustainability in their material choices. Currently, the pacifier shields are made of recyclable polypropylene (PP plastic), and they constantly take an active part in reducing new production by implementing sustainable ways of manufacturing.

    FRIGG wishes to offer what’s best for both our precious little human beings and our planet.


    FRIGG is a round pacifier which – as the only pacifier on the market – is 100% made in Denmark. The pacifier has an elegant, functional shape and every little detail serves a purpose. FRIGG is designed with the child’s need for comfort as the primary goal.

    In the early years, children are driven by their needs and instincts. The FRIGG pacifier is developed to imitate a mother’s breast to make it as natural and comforting for the child to use as possible. The round shape is recommended by pediatric chiropractors and maternity hotels in Denmark.

    The shield is curved slightly outwards to ensure maximum air supply to baby’s sensitive skin around the mouth.

    Sustainability, Health, and Safety in Focus

    The pacifier is manufactured with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact, which is why the shield is made from PP (Polypropylene): A material with a low environmental impact and made without any waste production.

    The natural rubber used for the latex nipple is a 100% natural and elastic material that feels skin-like for the child to soothe on. Only the best and cleanest latex is used for the FRIGG pacifiers.

    We always aim to create what’s best for our little ones, so safety is of course our highest priority.

    Out of security consideration, each pacifier is stretch and vacuum tested before leaving the production facilities.

    FRIGG hopes that their pacifiers bring peace and beauty to your growing family.