Responsibly Eco – Waste Free Living with Naked Baby

It’s no secret that being a busy, on-the-go parent is challenging - running around changing nappies, cleaning up messes and making sure that everyone is fed is just the start of it. Naked Baby knows the struggle and is here to help! You don’t need disposable conveniences to get through the day, Naked Baby Eco Boutique has a wide array of eco-friendly, reusable home and baby products that will get you on the road to waste free living and help make life a little easier along the way.


Waste free snacks on the run 

When it comes to household waste, it’s not surprising that most of it comes from the kitchen. Prepping food, storing food, packing lunches all contribute to endless waste. Not only are single use items bad for the planet, but they are often not great for humans either.  Cherub Baby On the Go Special Edition Reusable Baby Food Pouches are absolutely brilliant! So easy to use at home or on the go – and no waste! Suitable for homemade baby food or for filling with yogurt or other healthy food from your own fridge. No need to keep filling up rubbish bins with disposable packaging. BPA, phthalate and PVC free, these pouches are easy to clean - AND microwave and freezer safe!
Another ethical choice for snacks on the go are the Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags. Perfect for crackers, biscuits, nuts, etc., the zipper closure ensures that all crumbs stay tucked inside. These bags are free of harsh chemicals and are machine washable and top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Stainless steel – an ethical choice for the planet

Unfortunately, most kitchens today are filled with drawers full of plastic. It’s time to take a stand and say good-bye to toxic plastic storage containers and single-use plastic items and make more ethical choices. Starting with food storage, these U-Konserve Stainless Steel Nesting Trio Round Food Containers won’t crack, are lightweight and safe for storing both warm and cold foods. Perfect for on-the-go snacks, lunches or food storage in the fridge. They also nest neatly for compact storage – a great alternative to a messy Tupperware drawer!

A second huge step that parents can take towards waste free living in the kitchen is eliminating plastic straws. It’s so disheartening to hear about millions of straws ending up in our oceans and landfills each day. Do your part and make the ethical and eco-friendly decision to switch to stainless steel reusable straws. The Munch Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws are made from food-grade stainless steel and come with their own cleaning brush (although they are also dishwasher safe) and storage bag. Both stylish and durable, they're perfect for both adults and kids alike!

Baby-friendly and earth-friendly – ethical baby products for your little one!

You wouldn’t be on your way to waste free living without reusable nappies!  The Express the Best Cloth Re-usable Nappy Pack and Bamboo and Microfibre Nappy Inserts are easy to wash and dry, ever so stylish, and good for your baby’s skin as there are no nasty chemicals to worry about. Made from a strong, breathable, waterproof outer layer, with a soft, moisture-wicking inner layer, your baby will stay dry longer. Wondering what to do with a wet nappy when you’re out of the house? Naked Baby Eco Boutique has a waste free living solution for that as well - Bumkins Wet Bags.  Durable, waterproof and free of harsh chemicals – these convenient little bags are a parent’s dream – just toss in the wet nappy and get on with your day, worry and waste free!

Show some love to your baby and the planet by taking steps towards waste free living with Naked Baby Eco Boutique!