Using The Right Tools To Play Educational Games That Count

From babies all the way up to adults, it’s never too early or too late to learn something new. If you start to play educational games with your child when they are really young, it will help give them a head-start to learning important socialization and communication skills. From building blocks to board games and everything in between, educational toys help improve fine motor skills, teach children to identify new objects and concepts in their world, and understand how people, places and things are interconnected.

Building blocks for your baby’s future 

Is there anything more fun and imaginative than blocks? Right from birth, Wee Gallery Play House Art Blocks keep babies engaged and entertained with their stark black and white imagery. Designed to grow with your little one, the blocks will help babies to develop fine motor skills and teach toddlers about puzzle solving down the road. For children one year and older, Plan Toys’ Sorting Puzzle Truck assists little ones with shape and colour recognition and early problem-solving skills. As a bonus, they will enjoy hours of racing the truck across the floor once it’s complete! For children a little older yet, Plan Toys Creative Blocks Set really lets the imagination soar! This 46-piece set will allow your child to create a world all of their own - from a city to a castle and whatever else they dream up in between.

Making memories with educational games 

Memory and matching games are a favourite for all ages. Not only do they help to increase a child’s short-term memory, but they also assist in improving concentration, increasing attention to detail and developing a child’s vocabulary. While Wee Gallery Nature Number Flash Cards are designed to be introduced to newborns, they will continue to be a favourite for years to follow. Not only are they visually stimulating for babies, but the flash cards also introduce children to animals, plants and numbers in a fun and engaging way. Le Toy Van’s classic Animal Pairs Memory Game is another excellent choice for helping children to increase short term memory. It comes with eight pairs of animal pieces and is made from solid rubberwood. Aimed towards younger children who are just starting to identify objects around them, it’s a great introduction to this type of educational play.

Educational board games that make learning fun! 

As children transition from toddlers to preschoolers, it’s important to make learning captivating and fun. Orchard Toys offers a wonderful selection of educational board games and puzzles that are anything but boring. Match and Spell is a fun, first introduction to letter recognition, word building and matching pictures to words. The Alphabet Lotto Game also promotes language and literacy skills by encouraging children to sound out letters and words and develop their phonetic skills. By encouraging young children to play educational games, they will be well prepared for their early schooling years ahead.

Want to play educational games with your children?  Naked Baby Eco Boutique has everything you need!