Are Organic Baby Nursery Products The Key To A Good Night's Sleep?

Parents want the absolute best for their children.  They also want to enjoy a good night’s sleep and will go to great lengths to make that a reality.  Huge lengths.

They will research trying to find the illusive answers to their sleep qualms and will often turn up empty-handed.  From calming bath lotions to pacifiers and swaddles, parents want to know, are organic baby nursery products REALLY the key to getting a good night’s sleep?

Of course, nobody can promise you your baby will sleep through the night.  But you’ll sleep better knowing the products you’re choosing are the most natural and safe for your little one. When it comes to raising an organic baby, NZ parents are quickly discovering the benefits.

Babies, sleep, organic products – are they related?

Imagine being wrapped in an itchy blanket and laid in your bed for the night.  You aren’t going to be comfortable; neither is your baby.  Forget the polyester fabrics, there are some highly sought after organic baby, NZ products that might actually help you and your baby get the sleep you so desperately need.

  • Swaddles / wraps – it’s no secret newborn babies love to be swaddled. Most babies will feel instantly comforted when wrapped up snuggly.  When choosing your swaddle or wrap, breathability is important as it allows airflow and reduces the risk of your baby overheating.  This is just one of the reasons organic materials are such a common choice.
    Remember: babies spend months being snuggled tightly in your belly prior to birth.  This is normal for them and swaddling also prevents the Moro Reflex (involuntary startle response).
  • Stuffed baby toy – having something to snuggle or just hold onto can be a great comfort to babies. Soft, cuddly and organic comfort toys can be particularly soothing.  The connection between soft toys and comfort is increased when it has a familiar smell; a mothers breast milk, for example.  Do not underestimate the power this can have!
  • Pacifiers – many babies like to suck throughout the night. Some opt for their fingers (when they learn how to find them), while others prefer pacifiers.  100% natural rubber dummies are a popular choice as they are free from harmful plasticizer.  This soothes baby back to sleep and lets parents sleep soundly knowing their baby is safe.
  • Sleepwear – again, comfort is crucial. Soft, breathable fabrics that don’t scratch your little one’s precious skin plays a big part in your baby sleeping as snug as a bug.  Merino wool is naturally breathable and moisture controlling, while also being easy for parents to wash.  Baby gowns are convenient as they allow you access for nappy changes without having to completely undress your baby.   


Many parents have found success in using comfort to help create a calmer, more sleep-inducive environment.  If choosing merino, bamboo or other organic baby NZ products will woo your baby to sleep, it’s worth a shot!

Find more of the best organic baby NZ products here and start enjoying that extra sleep!