Nappy Bag Essentials: What You Need And What You Can Forget

Nappy Bag Essentials: What You Need, What You Can Forget and What Will Carry It All

Figuring out your nappy bag essentials can be difficult for inexperienced parents. It’s difficult to know what you’ll actually need when you’re out and about with bub. If you’re feeling the physical strain of lugging the entire nursery around on your shoulder, you’re in luck! Consider this your cheat sheet to streamlining your nappy bag. 

Nappy Bag Essentials: What Is Required?

When babies are little like yours, you need to make sure you have:

That’s a lot for one tiny baby! Our advice is to prepare your nappy bag well in advance and make sure you always have it fully stocked. This will save on preparation time when you are trying to get out of the house quickly and you can rest assured that you’ve always got everything you need on hand.

You can shop our range of ‘out and about’ products here and knock some of them off your checklist. 

Choosing The Right Nappy Bag

You’ll come across lots of expensive shoulder bags on your search for the perfect nappy bag. Backpacks, however, are an excellent option. They come ready-made with different sections perfectly designed to take all those bits and bobs. Better yet, once you’re wearing a backpack you’ll have your hands completely free. Ready to pick up babies, wipe up spills, bend down without getting hit in the face with a bag – they’re perfect! Nappy bag backpacks are a true revolution when it comes to parenting out of the home. They’re designed for the parent who knows how hectic life can get. You don’t need to spend a packet on a nappy bag.

Backpacks are readily available, reasonably priced and well worth a trial. You’ll be a convert!

Nappy Bag Essentials – Something For Mum

Life with kids can be tough. Having a little something extra in your nappy bag that’s just for mum can make the load a little lighter.

Be it balms, soothing creams, breastfeeding biscuits or desperately needed lozenges, you can shop our range of sweet treats for mum right here.

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