Why One Day You’ll Thank Yourself For Using Milestone Cards


milestone cards


Our parenting experience is fleeting. One moment we find ourselves hanging out for our baby to crawl and then, in an instant, they’re taking their first steps. We then can’t wait to for them to go from nappies to being fully toilet trained and then, all of a sudden, they’re riding a bike for the first time. Milestone cards capture these fleeting moments in time for the moments in the future you wish they didn’t grow so fast.

Why milestone cards are the best way to record memories and achievements

Any parent will agree, babyhood, toddlerhood and childhood don’t last long and it’s so easy to forget when and how milestones were achieved, particularly if you don’t document or photograph them. That’s why, at Naked Baby, we love the idea of milestone cards.  

Baby and toddler milestone cards are so much more than writing details in a book. They inspire a photograph to be taken at the very moment, a photo which will conjure up memories that you would have otherwise forgotten and reminding you of how little, cheeky, chubby, mischievous or independent your child was (and probably still is).  

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Pregnancy milestone cards

It’s inevitable, there eventually comes a time for every mother when child-rearing ends and suddenly, a new stage of life begins. It can be emotion-filled but, one thing is for sure, you’ll always find yourself looking back.  The best way to keep the beautiful pregnancy and baby days alive is with Pregnancy Milestone Cards. From the joy of your first announcement and scan to your week by week bump, it’s a bittersweet experience looking back on photographs with our milestone cards.

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Mummy milestone cards

Milestone cards aren’t just for kids and pregnancy though, Mummy needs them too! Of course, you want to remember your first night out with the girls after baby, or reminisce about the day you stayed in your pyjamas ALL DAY or that time you finished your coffee while it was still hot! These may seem trivial, but down the track when you take these things for granted, you will reflect back to when life was just that little bit different, all thanks to your kids. You can enjoy the Mummy memories with our Mimosa Designs Mummy Milestone Cards.

Milestone photos with our milestone cards are worthy of more than a Facebook share, they make lovely gifts, they look great in frames with multiple photo slots and can be documented beautifully in a photo book, for example, ‘Baby’s First Year.’ And don’t forget, you can definitely pull them out for 21st birthdays!

Remember: Things might seem crazy now, but some day, you’ll miss this. And with milestone cards, you’ll be able to relive the highlights whenever you want.  

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