Keeping Tiny Eyes Safe in the Winter Months

Alas, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, which means winter is well and truly on its way. However, just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean the chances of getting sun damage have decreased. Those harmful UV rays are still dangerous in the winter. Here are just a few reasons why a high-quality pair of baby sunglasses or toddler sunglasses is a must-have winter accessory for your little love this year.

Why is Winter Eye Protection Important for Kids?

While our skin is often at the forefront of our minds when thinking of sun protection, our eyes also need protection from the sun. A common assumption is that the sun isn’t as dangerous in winter as it is during summer; however, even if the sun isn’t shining, UV rays are still present. And, unfortunately, those UV rays can cause painful damage to the eyes and a condition known as photokeratitis.

According to the American Academy of Opthamology, photokeratitis is cause by damage to the eye from UV rays (of which the sun is the primary source of natural UV rays). It can be cause by sun reflection from sand, water, ice and snow, and wearing proper eye protection can prevent such damage to the eyes.

Does Snow Affect UV Exposure?

During winter, the sun also sits lower in the sky, leading to more direct exposure of UV rays than in the summer months. Snow cover can also increase UV levels by up to 90% due to ground surface reflectivity. A good quality pair of polarised sunglasses can help to protect eyes, improve clarity and reduce harmful glare.

Do Babies and Kids Need to Wear Sunglasses?

Children need to wear sunglasses as much as adults do because their eyes need protection from UV radiation. Additionally, according to the New Zealand Academy of Optometrists, children spend many hours in the sun and often have larger pupils that let more light enter the interior of the eye.

For children, they key issue is wearability, so it’s important to wear something comfortable and that they’ll be happy to wear, like our ultra-stylish Babiators NZ sunglasses for babies and toddlers.

Finally, sporting a cool pair of sunnies even during the cooler months helps to create a carrier against icy cold winds and dust particles that could potentially harm tiny eyes. Wind can cause moisture in the eyes to dry up, making eyes feel uncomfortable and scratchy (and making your little unhappy!). A cool pair of shades can help preserve moisture, preventing eyes from becoming dry and irritated.

Make Sun Safety a Priority From a Young Age

Just because the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean eye health and protection should become any less of a concern, especially for your kiddos. Sun safety habits start from a young age, so keep these winter sun eye protection guidelines in mind whenever you or your children are outside to ensure your family is safe all year round. It's never to early to start with a pair of baby sunglasses!

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