Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys - New Zealand's QUALITY Gift Guide!

Choosing interesting or meaningful gifts for 5 year old boys can be difficult. You could stop by your nearest high street department store to buy a mass-produced, run-of-the-mill toy, but that’s far from ideal. If you’re looking for gifts for 5 year old boys that are unique, useful, engaging and eco-friendly, let the following list inspire you.


Green Sprouts On Safari Bento Box

Green Sprouts Gift Idea for Five Year Old Boy

Green Sprouts On Safari Bento Boxes are not only cute but practical, too. Available in five animal varieties (crocodile, elephant, hippo, lion or monkey), these sweet little lunch boxes are the perfect gift for an animal-loving child. These little three-compartment locking boxes are PVC and BPA-free and are fun and thoughtful gifts for 5 year old boys. Turn a trip to the zoo into a themed animal adventure or add some fun to a little boy’s kinder lunch.


Donkey Products iWood My First Laptop

Play Lap Top for Five Year Old

How about gifts for 5 year old boys that introduce technology to children but in a more traditional way of learning and playing? “Work” alongside Mum and Dad with the iWood reusable chalk laptop! Designed by Donkey Products, these wooden laptops are inspired by conventional portable computers, only this toy is unplugged! The iWood My First Laptop folds up like a conventional computer, has two black canvases to work with (one screen, one keyboard) and chalks are provided. These wipe-clean chalk laptops are ideal gifts for young boys with curious minds.

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Indigo Jamm Jolly Jack's Pirate Ship

Imaginative Play Pirate Ship For Five Year Old

Looking for pirate-themed gifts for five year old boys? Check out Ahoy Indigo Jamm’s Jolly Jack’s Pirate Ship! These beautifully crafted ships are made with sustainable wood and rubber. Complete with 3 wooden pirates, a treasure chest, a crocodile and a canon, there are no batteries needed for this toy, only an imagination and fascination for seafaring adventures.

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G.NANCY Organic Cotton Under the Sea Long Sleeve Pajamas

Boys Pyjamas

A comfy and quality-made pair of pajamas makes a great gift that kids and parents alike will love. The G.NANCY Organic Cotton Under the Sea Long Sleeve Pajama Set has a beautiful, eco-friendly print inspired by Mother Nature’s oceanic creatures. Available in sizes all the way up to 5 years, these super-soft PJs are stretchy but hold their shape. Make bedtime fun with these useful, wearable gifts for five year old boys.


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