Cloth Nappies for NZ Baby Bums - Yes or No?

Cloth nappies in NZ vs disposable. Is there a valid reason why cloth is best? Yes, many actually. Environmental reasons might be the main logic to opt for cloth nappies, but the picture is much bigger than eco ideals. We delve deeper into the best cloth nappies available and why more parents are ditching disposables.

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Choosing cloth nappies in New Zealand for environmental reasons

In the first few years of a child’s life, parents are expected to change nappies up to 4000 – 6000 times. With the increase in the number of babies born each year, that’s is a lot of waste to throw into already overflowing landfill sites. This is a cause for environmental concern as disposable nappies take many years to break down. On the flip side, even the best cloth nappies in NZ still have an impact on the planet, mainly due to the water and energy needed to clean them for reuse. Parents who choose cloth nappies in NZ can cut back on the environmental impacts of washing them for reuse by:

• Using eco-friendly detergents.

• Skipping on fabric conditioners.

• Buying plenty of cloth nappies to minimise the need to wash too frequently.

• Allow time to reach a full laundry load rather than waste too much water or power on half a load.

• Using cold water vs hot water and leaving to dry on the washing line.

Disposable nappies vs cloth nappies in NZ for health reasons

Many parents choose cloth nappies for health reasons over anything else. Some conventional disposable nappies are laden with chemicals and toxins. The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs whatever is applied or placed onto it. For this reason alone, conventional disposable nappies are not the best for a baby’s sensitive skin.


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By choosing cloth nappies for your kiwi kid over conventional disposables, parents have the control over the chemicals their babies are exposed to, particularly when opting for chemical free washing.


The cost savings when using the best cloth nappies

Disposable nappies are expensive, probably the biggest weekly expense of babyhood. When calculating the cost of throw-away nappies over the course of a child’s life, you are looking at thousands (yes thousands!) of dollars. The cost of laundering cloth nappies in New Zealand is comparatively much more cost effective, particularly when following the above laundry tips.

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