Baby Gifts? NZ is Ahead of the Trends!

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Before you buy the same baby gift as every second guest attending the baby shower, READ THIS and see how these baby gifts are ahead of the trends!

You want a unique gift that won’t be forgotten - one that says ‘I have put thought into your needs and want you and your baby to enjoy this special time.’  Let us help you find quality baby gifts NZ parents will love! 

Unique baby gifts NZ parents will love

New parents don’t need multiple grooming kits for their newborn.  They also won’t need a dozen more size 0000 outfits.  Babies grow far too quickly and the likelihood they will get to wear these adorable outfits more than a couple of times is low. So get them something they can use, treasure and that will have everyone talking.

  • Baby hat – many parents overlook buying a hat when preparing for their baby. With such sensitive skin, it is an important accessory when heading outdoors.  Bucket hats are a great choice as they cover both the face and neck.
  • Room art – if you know the parents-to-be well and are aware of their nursery theme, get them a wall print that suits accordingly. This can be through quotes, patterns or colours.  The options are endless!
  • Sleeping bags – blankets are everyone’s go-to gift when they are struggling to find the perfect item. So forget the blanket and opt for a baby sleeping bag instead.  Many parents prefer to dress their baby in a sleeping bag for bed rather than use a blanket that could potentially move during the night.  There are many great options including lightweight, breathable organic fabrics.
  • Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump – a gentle breast pump that works is worth more than any amount of nipple shields. These are an incredibly budget friendly breast pump that has raving reviews from mothers for being the easiest and most simple way to express breast milk.
  • Books – black and white books are perfect for newborns to toddlers. The Mesmerised board books are black and white images with sharp outlines that are designed to captivate and maximise visual stimulation.  This gift will be used for years to come!

Naked Baby offers fun and unique baby gifts, NZ and Australian mums are proud to give. From adorable outfits and organic cuddly toys to reusable insulated coffee cups and baby swings, you will not be buying the same-old-same-old.

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